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design work


I designed all the promotional materials for Oxford-based theatre company 00 Productions' performance of Half-Baked. The play is a lighthearted, bread-pun-filled farce, featuring a pair of bakers who accidentally find themselves in the middle of a cocaine smuggling ring.

door ajar

Door Ajar Comics is a small comics press exploring the Queer, the Gothic, and the Uncanny, founded and run by myself and my partner, August (in the wake of) Dawn.

through our time running Door Ajar Comics, I have had the opportunity to design a range of promotional material for the project. 

shut up
and king!

Glasgow-based drag king Dorian T. Fisk commissioned me to design and produce a logo for his newest project: a Scottish drag king collective named Shut Up and King!

this fantastic project unites drag kings across Scotland and beyond, connecting seasoned kings with emerging ones for skill shares and classes. 

the king's 

As part of Shut Up and King!, Glasgow-based drag king Dorian T. Fisk commissioned me to produce a design to be used for the poster of one of their debut shows, The King's Peach. 

D.TOX: euphoric paradise

US-based drag king Majic Dyke commissioned me to design and produce a poster for an upcoming show, D.TOX: Euphoric Paradise.


unfortunately, the show was never able to happen due to COVID restrictions, but at least the poster looks cheerful.

little hands design

in 2018, I collaborated with Little Hands Design, a community interest group that provides sewing workshops for all ages, with a focus on sustainability, environmentalism, and slow fashion.

I illustrated a new core handbook for their classes, including safety information, instructional diagrams, ideas for projects, and an outline of essential skills.