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when I dream, it feels like drowning

A surreal horror comic, following a woman whose house is plagued by versions of her reflection that begin to move independently of her.

concept and writing by august (in the wake of) dawn


occupational hazards

a romantic comic about the perils of vampire hunting, and fraternising with the enemy.

three cheers header image

three cheers

a comic of the opening of Edinburgh's local drag and Kweer Kabaret show, Glamoor, featuring the host, Mystika Glamoor, and her notorious opening lines.


flip a coin

a (supposedly) pick-your-path comic about your car breaking down near a dark, dark house on a dark, dark night.


I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake

a one page comic about baking dog lesbians, made as part of a Graphic Novels and Comic Book Art short course at the Chelsea College of Arts.

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arise, fair sun

a short comic retelling of Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene as a modern trans couple, commissioned by Tour De Moon for Valentine's Day.

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pretty boy

an autobiographical comic exploration of the power of drag fashion to explore less normative forms of masculinity, commissioned by Shelby x Studios as part of their Fashion x Activism zine.

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